Broaster Chicken

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Broaster Chicken

Categories: Food & Beverages

Company : Broaster Chicken

Brand Origin : Mumbai

Delivery Partner

295 + ratings
Area : 200 Sq.Ft.
Investment : 30 - 90 Lacs
Franchise Outlets : 32

About Us

Genuine Broaster Chicken® has been America’s Perfect Chicken for generations. It’s fresh chicken specially Broasted® to tender, crispy perfection. Ordinary chicken just doesn’t compare to our proprietary coating and marinade that produces chicken that flat-out tastes better and has a fraction of the carbs of open-fried leading brands. The golden, crispy result is a chicken that’s nothing short of amazing. Try it, and join the Genuine Broaster Chicken® cult following. Broaster® and Broasted® have registered trademarks of the Broaster Company. Usage of these terms is available only to licensed trademark operators. Operators officially licensed to serve Genuine Broaster Chicken® and other Broaster® products may be found by using the store locator on our website at: or on our NEW store locator app for Apple & Android smartphones. Give one of these locations a try and experience for yourself the pleasure of enjoying a true American original! Genuine Broaster Chicken®.

Franchise Model

Model Star More Pint
Space 200 Sq.ft. 750 Sq.ft. 1200 Sq.ft.
Setup Cost 22 Lakhs 53 Lakhs 69 Lakhs
Franchise Fee 8 Lakhs 15 Lakhs 20 Lakhs
Total Investment 30 Lakhs 68 Lakhs 89 Lakhs

Key Features

  1. They have been serving the crowd’s favourite chicken for over 60 years.
  2. Genuine Broaster Chicken is internationally recognized and loved worldwide.
  3. Their speciality is fried chicken served in a variety of styles.
  4. Taste – People love their unique taste which is exceptional and cannot be found elsewhere.
  5. Quality – Consistent quality is maintained by them always internationally. They value their customers and thus only provide high quality fried chicken to them.
  6. Flavours – They have a unique blend of spices and mix which gives it a flavour you can’t find anywhere else but at Broaster Chicken.
  7. They have a technique of making this style of fried chicken which gives it a special taste and texture.
  8. Complete training is provided to the hired staff.
  9. They provide marketing and sales support to boost your business.
  10. Genuine Broaster Chicken will take you on a joy ride of taste and leave behind an unforgettable taste.

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Franchise Expansion City


Pan India

Franchise Existing City


Mumbai, Patna, Raipur, Ahmedabad and Delhi.


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