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Cakes n Crafts

Categories: Food & Beverages ,


Id: 5859

Cakes n Crafts

Categories: Food & Beverages

Company : Cakes and Craft

Brand Origin : Indore

Delivery Partner

295 + ratings
Area : 500-700 SQ.FT.
Investment : 20 Lac - 30 Lac
Franchise Outlets : 17

About Us

Creations for Celebrations. At Cakes & Crafts, we believe in reinventing the concept of exquisite sweets from cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, and pastries to the Designer & handcrafted cakes.  Cakes & Crafts founded in 2013 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and the city was introduced to the unique concept of baking for the first time. This new introduction in the city was an instant success, with the purpose of providing all consumers with an unrivalled product and experience, as well as fresh products right from the bakery. Cakes & Crafts products are made with premium quality ingredients by a gifted team of talented chefs at a well maintained modern hygiene kitchen. Cakes handcrafted with care.

Franchise Model

AREA250-300 SQ.FT500-700 SQ.FT.

Key Features

  1. Product Quality Before it reaches the ultimate customers, we at Cakes & Crafts adhere to the highest quality of food being created at our factory, with special care paid to flavor, nutritional characteristics, textures, shelf life, and so on. We constantly examine/improve our products in order to maintain these features at a high level and to provide customers with the greatest quality product at a ‘reasonable price.'
  2. Product Diversity The success of a business is stated to be dependent on the product that is manufactured  and delivered. Keeping the aforementioned goal in mind, we at Cakes & Crafts are constantly on the lookout for new and high-quality products that are in line with current trends and tastes.
  3. Product Distribution: Cakes & Crafts believes that product distribution is an integral part of any business and a critical component of the supply chain. If not handled properly, the Company's brand will be harmed, and survival would be tough. We feel that regardless of the quality of the food, it will not be successful unless it reaches the end consumer. We have dedicated delivery vans for distribution of items in order to provide the quickest delivery to our consumers. Cakes & Crafts' team works diligently to meet our own high standards, ensuring that our customers receive outstanding service.
  4. Product Hygiene Hygiene is critical in the food and beverage sector and plays a critical role in its long-term viability and expansion. As a result, our employees ensure that defined hygienic requirements are followed throughout the process, from the selection of quality items to the delivery of raw materials to correct storage, preparation, and distribution. Furthermore, the established requirements are reviewed on a regular basis, with corrective action taken whenever and wherever necessary.

We believe in perfection by confection.

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Madhya Pradesh



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Pan India

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