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The London Shakes

Categories: Food & Beverages ,


Id: 4895

The London Shakes

Categories: Food & Beverages

Company : The London Shakes

Brand Origin : Indore

Delivery Partner

295 + ratings
Area : 150 Sq.Ft.
Investment : 8 Lac - 10 Lac
Franchise Outlets : 230

About Us


‘The London Shakes’ has been initiated to serve the best quality Beverages using the best ingredients. The London Shakes aims to set up its outlets across the Globe & reinvent the pleasure of Milk. ‘Milk’ which is one of the best gift available to mankind. All the products that are served in ‘ The London Shakes’ are unique in their taste. Huge efforts have gone into research of the unique taste of the Beverages & Snacks that are served at our outlet. Our each product has a delightful mouthwatering taste which you can enjoy only at ‘The London Shakes’ outlet.


Milk was and will always be the most popular drink world wide because of its N-number of health benefits. People now a days are aware about the benefits of healthy food and are shifting towards it. We at The London Shakes have made the most healthy drink tastier and likable by all. A recent survey has found out that almost 64% people agree that it's important to eat healthily but the main reason being the misconception that the healthy food is not good in taste. “ The London Shakes” aim to serve the combination of “Healthy food yet mouth-watering”.

Franchise Model

Available for FOFO Model (Franchise Own Franchisee Operate)
Model QSR
Space 150 Sq.ft.
Setup Cost 5 Lakhs
Franchise Fee 3 Lakhs
Total Investment 8 Lakhs
ROI 12 to 14 Months
Royalty 0%
As per government rule GST will be applicable on each payment Interior Cost is variable, which is depends on design and area size (Sq.ft.)

Key Features

London Shakes has its roots in London and is considered to be the re-inventors of the most popular drink, ‘Milk’. We have The Vintage shakes, The Fruit ‘O’ clock, Cold coffees, Choco love, Mojitos, The Funtastic shakes, From London to India, Ice tea, Freak shakes, New wave, Fruit bubbles, Pearl ice tea, The hot spot and Thick shakes. Our vast menu comprises of Pizza bites, Soups, Fries, Nachos, Garlic breads, Pasta, Chesse affair, Sandwiches, Fusion maggi, Waffles, Uncle pops popcorn. The concept ‘The London Shakes’ has been initiated to serve the best quality beverages using the best ingredients. The London Shakes aims to set up its outlets across the globe andre-invent the pleasure of Milk, which is one of the best gifts available to mankind. All the products that are served in London Shakes are unique in their taste. An extensive research has resulted in delightful and mouthwatering taste of each beverages and snacks served at The London Shakes. The ingredients used at London Shakes are scrutinized before they are used in the manufacture of the products. We at ‘The London Shakes’ have revolutionized the idea of ‘Just shake It & Make It’. All the core materials will be provided by the company to the franchisee. There is a detailed operating manual available for all franchisees with onsite training. The franchises will be guided by an expert from the Head Office on opening the franchise and all the current IT systems will be included in the franchise. We have our in the house marketing team and have collaborated with leading marketing firms to ensure “To build London Shakes as a heritage of milk in an innovative way to preserve its rich values”.

Brand Origin





Madhya Pradesh



Franchise Expansion City


PAN India

Franchise Existing City


Bangalore, Hubli, MP, Gujrat, Chennai


Given below are the attributes to choose London Shakes franchise.
  • An outstanding margin on sales.
  • Owners need not rely on skilled labours.
  • Unique take away bottles.
  • Secure and standardised operating processes.
  • Vast product range.
  • Initial training to franchises.
  • Take away, delivery and dine available in outlets.
  • Proved and tested ingredients.
  • Continuous R&D to introduce new products.