Area: 250 – 500 Sq. ft.
Investment : 16.5 – 26.5 Lacs
Franchise Outlets: 1
Brand Origin: Mumbai

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About Us

Eyelite Opticals Private Limited was founded in 2000 and is now run by our third generation. It offers trustworthy and reasonably priced eye care to all residents of Mumbai. Because we are proudly owned and operated, we are concerned about the eyes of our clients. Our offices are located on Mumbra Town’s main thoroughfare.

Franchise Model

SETUP AREA 250-300 sqft. 300-500 sqft.
SETUP COST 15-18 lacs 20- 25 lacs
FRANCHISE FEES 1.5 lacs 1.5 lacs
ROI 8-10 months 15-16 months
TOTAL INVESTMENT 16.5 – 19.5 lacs 21.5 – 26.5 lacs

Key Features

  • Computerized Technology
  • After Sales Services
  • Personal Approach to the Customers
  • Replacement (Breakage)
  • Heavy Discount to Existing Customers

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