Netaji Tea and Cafe


Area: 50-1500 Sqft.
Investment: 1.5-10 Lacs
Brand Origin: Indore

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Welcome to the world of Netaji Tea and Cafe – where dreams of entrepreneurship blend seamlessly with the rich aroma of success! An avant-garde brand that has swiftly captured the hearts and taste buds of millennials and Gen Z, Netaji Tea and Cafe – stands at the forefront of the booming beverage industry. Our success resonates in the impressive tally of over 7,00,000 cups of chai sold across our existing outlets, marking a remarkable journey in a remarkably short period.


Presently gracing the streets of Pune and Aurangabad with our flavorful offerings, Netaji Tea is poised to expand its footprint further. The anticipation is building as we prepare to bring the authentic Netaji Chai experience to the bustling cities of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Patna, and Delhi. We extend a warm invitation to all aspiring entrepreneurs to join our ever-growing family, where innovation meets tradition, and every cup tells a story of ambition and success. Embrace the spirit of Netaji Tea and Cafe, where the blend of entrepreneurship and a perfect cup of chai creates a recipe for triumph.


Vision & Mission



  • To be a global leader, celebrated for excellence, authenticity, and innovation, spreading the joy of Netaji Chai worldwide.
  • Innovate & bring in best-of-class tea 2 acceptable to the millennials.



  • To redefine the beverage experience with exceptional chai, emphasizing tradition, innovation, and customer satisfaction.
  • Honesty, quality in the workplace respect for people and environment.






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