Area: 150-200 sq. ft.
Investment: 15-50 Lacs
Franchise Outlets: 1
Brand Origin: Mumbai

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About Us

Sedona is a contemporary and attractive collection that is appropriate for young ladies who like to wear gold and are searching for reasonably priced fashionable designs, whether they are attending college or working in an office.
The most renowned Jewellery is made by artists, and it is exclusive.
Sedona strives to create an extraordinary experience in product design by recognizing the constantly evolving tastes and fashion sense of generations.
The designs made by the Brand are quite lovely ornaments that not only enhance a woman’s appearance of elegance but also make her feel valued.


To comprehend and captivate the world by transforming each person’s dream and individuality into excellent jewellery and sharing the pleasure it brings to everyone.


To expand our boundaries across India both Online & Offline and position ourselves as a well-known brand.
Set Up 100+ stores internationally.

Our Unique Selling Points

  • Simple and Minimalistic Design.
  • You will get a huge variety of products.
  • They look super elegant with every ensemble & enhance your beauty even more.
  • It suits every age group.
  • Durable and Reliable Jewellery.
  • Cost Effective, Contemporary, Light Weight.

3 Plans For Franchisees

1. Starting Rs.15 lakh- only silver jewellery and gold coins.
2. Starting Rs. 25 lakh- Gold and silver jewellery.
3. Starting Rs.50 lakh-Gold silver range with loan against Gold facility.

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