The Beer Cafe


Area: 1200-1500 sq ft
Investment: 1-1.5 CR
Franchise Outlets: 100+
Brand Origin: Delhi

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About Us

Being the world’s favorite beverage isn’t easy! It isn’t just a cold, refreshing, delicious brew- it’s liquid gold. It’s an age-old unifier, that transcends culture and class to bring people together- be it friends who want to catch over, a boss who wants to applaud the team’s win, a family looking to unwind over light-hearted banter, and even complete strangers from disparate worlds pondering over the intricacy of their craft brews. Beer is modest, historic, artistic, and truly divine; and what it does for your spirits, The Beer Café does for your soul. It’s time to put aside your worries and savor the moment one sip at a time. Every pint is a celebration. And that’s what The Beer Café is all about—discovering an unconditional #LoveForBeer and letting it take over. The light, cheery setting of The Beer Café will be the first thing you’ll notice. Of course, this is not your usual watering hole. This is a neighborhood place for those who love their beer and more than that, love to bond over it. You can drop in for a beer or two or more. It will be a hard decision to make, given 50 brands from 18 countries and the largest collection of draught beers to utterly spoil you for choice

Why The Beer Cafe?

This is your chance to join the beer bandwagon and bring The Beer Café experience to your location, capitalize on the growing beer culture of India, and be equal partners in offering the beer worldliness that has delighted millions of customers to date. Your menu will be a progressive list of craft beers, the choicest of hard liquors and wines, and of course an ever-changing selection of brewtails & cocktails. We have also worked out a delectable food selection where we have created something special, something better, something fun and interesting. We will be extending the support in order for you to offer an elevated experience to your patrons! A strategic franchise partnership with The Beer Café gives you the opportunity to benefit from our historic success and become a part of the strongest brand name in the Alco-beverage segment. Innovative franchise support mechanism that includes set-up support, customer need identification, persuasive marketing programs, enhanced revenue sources, assistance in trained manpower recruitments, hands-on training, comprehensive business information, and data assistance. Our priority is you. Your goals become our goals. We will leave no stone unturned to offer you the support and services to become a market leader and stay ahead of the competition in your territory.

Franchise Model

 Model  Cafe
 Space 1200-1500 sqft
License & administrative cost  (8)%
 Interior  2 Lakhs
Franchise agreement 9 Years
 Franchise Fee Rs. 25 lac + GST
 Total Investment Rs. 1 Cr to 1.5 Cr

Key Features

Features of The Beer Cafe franchise:

  1. Brand License: Complete rights to use the brand name – The Beer Cafe is synonymous with success in the alco-beverage industry in India.
  2. Site Selection Assistance: Make use of strategically developed guidelines to help the franchisee locate and choose a suitable business site.
  3. Site Architectural Assistance: Choose to hire the services of expert architects of the F&B industry at specially negotiated rates.
  4. Procurement of Instruments & Equipment: Obtain world-class instruments and equipment required in the outlet at the most competitive rates.
  5. Recruitment & Training Support: Recruit the best competent professionals in the F&B industry with the help of our competent HR team.
  6. Procurement of licenses: The Beer Café helps the franchisee get all the licenses required to operate the outlet.
  7. Standard Operating Procedures: All franchise restaurants shall operate as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) duly developed to run and manage the franchise outlet effectively and efficiently.
  8. Supply Chain Management: Explore possibilities of inefficient supply chain management.
  9. Marketing: A comprehensive plan to strengthen the brand image nationally and internationally and also help the franchisee to leverage the local business potential.
  10. IT/Software Support: A franchisee would be supported with state-of-art software to run the outlet effectively and efficiently, working systematically with cutting-edge technology and tracking the market efforts.
  11. Launch Planning Support: Also be comforted with an aggressive outlet launch business planning to ensure market penetration.
  12. Ongoing Business Trouble Shooting: The franchise system has been designed to give total hand-holding support to the franchisee partner with a view to providing solutions for day-to-day business issues.

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