You can take control of your job, finances, schedule, and future when you run a business. You'll be your own boss, work hard for yourself, and possibly reap the benefits of owning a business.

Franchising your business can not only strengthen your company's brand recognition and reach, but it can also help secure its future. Franchising provides franchise business owners with an established product or service, which may already enjoy widespread brand-name recognition. Below are some helpful articles and presentations to get started! 

A franchisor owns the brand while a franchisee operates a location/branch/unit under the name of the brand. You can find out what’s the difference between franchising and brand licensing in our previous article.

The franchisor will always retain the brand trademark, and when the franchisee invests, they will sign a legally binding agreement and be responsible for following all the terms laid out within it. Terms will differ between franchisors, and whether or not the terms feel comfortable to you is one way of determining whether a franchise is or isn’t the right fit.

Main advantage is the use of an established brand to market your business. When you start a new company from scratch, you generally have to put in a tremendous amount of effort into marketing, advertising & networking in order to achieve customer’s attention. Franchises on the other hand are already well known to the public & come with an in-built customer base.

The cost to buy a franchise varies greatly depending on what sector you choose to start the business in, whether the concept requires a storefront, or other, what state you buy the business in, and how much overhead your business will require. You can speak to us at 9407253053 or email us for more information at info@businessbazaar.co.

There’s a huge list of things to consider before owning a franchise business. It includes business model evaluation, performance metrics of the franchisor and other franchisees, hours of commitment, and more.

You cannot convert every product/service into a franchising model. It is advisable to research the business before you plan to buy it.|
Hotels, fast food outlets, Ice cream parlor, desserts etc. are known to find success in franchising.
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The choice of your franchise depends on your budget, interest, demand, location, and support. Explore more at Business Bazaar.

It depends on your franchisor. A multi-unit franchisee is one of the good options to expand your business. Make sure that your first franchise is performing well before you make the leap.

No. It is a known fact that franchising is a proven business system, but the success of your own outlet depends on the way you run the show.

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