Area : 20000-60000sq.ft
Investment: 60 – 80 Lacs
Franchise Outlets : 3
Brand Origin: Bhopal

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About Us

CountrySide Meadows first came into existence in Bhopal in the year 2017, followed by our second and third locations in 2021, as well as we launched our franchise in the same year. We started with only a concept and developed a brand. When numerous people approached us, we carefully designed and released a franchise, and surprisingly, the first two franchises were a huge success. We had an overwhelmingly good reaction.

The proposal was an open-air garden restaurant with a location covering 60,000 square feet with a seating capacity of 300 people. Here we offer a variety of pure vegetarian cuisines with many dining options, including swimming pool seating, a machan, garden area seating, and white pebble seating.

The restaurant is a perfect fit for families and offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort at the same time. Many of us are foodies, so we’re always looking for the best places to eat and places with a good vibe and ambiance and in addition with a different experience while dining. Get ready to taste cuisines with the greatest taste we offer Chinese, Continental, Indian, tandoor, and many more delicacies that will give you an overwhelming life experience.

Franchise Model

Investment 60-80Lac
Area 20000-60000 sq. ft
Franchise Fee 10Lac
Total investment 60-80Lac
ROI One year

Key Features

• Our themes are unique in that you will be exposed to a different theme each time you visit our restaurant. • Only enormous space, landscaping, vegetation, and private space remain consistent. • For peaceful vibes, we also provide sitting between trees and a completely distinct dining experience.

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