Fluff Artisan Café


Area: 350-600 sq. ft
Investment: 13-20 Lacs
Franchise Outlets: 1
Brand Origin: Nagpur

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Product Detail's

About Us

Fluff artisan café, founded in the midst of a global pandemic in 2020, is known for transforming the way people eat and enjoy. We take pride in discovering and sharing the most distinctive flavors from around the world with our customers. Our menu features Specialty Coffee, Cookie Dough, and Shaved Ice made from the best ingredients, sure to bring strong and inspirational flavor into your life.

Franchise Model

SETUP AREA 350 sq. ft 600 sq. ft.
SETUP COST 9,97,900 14,65,000
FRANCHISEE FEES 3,00,000 5,00,000
ROI 11 Months 18 Months
TOTAL INVESTMENT 12,97,900 19,65,000

Key Features

  1. The only Brand in India to Serve Cookie Dough & Shaved Ice with a modern luxury interior and amazing Specialty Coffee.
  2. USP (Unique Selling Point – Cookie Dough (Soft par-baked cookie dough served with freshly whipped cream and delicious toppings, with around 7 flavors, day or night, our gooey, mushy cookie dough is the dessert you’ve been craving for in your sweet dreams) – Cookie Dough Shakes (Cookie Dough blended with ice cream & milk to give you a thick shake that you must have never tried before) – Shaved Ice (With our Shave ice we’ve managed to put a new spin on an old classic (9 flavors). Specially brought a dish from Taiwanese culture, which will definitely take you on a brain-freeze journey.
  3. The Brand is always looking for new and unique products to introduce on our menu, always trying to answer the question “what’s new on the menu?”
  4. PRE-LAUNCH SUPPORT Assistance in setting up the outlet which includes help in interior and exterior execution, equipment purchase, marketing support, and online tie-up support. NO DEPENDENCY ON SKILLED LABOUR Majority of the food products & packaging material is supported by the company at your doorstep ensuring standardization of the products.
  5. TRAINING PROGRAM Franchisees are to be provided with an in-depth onsite training program which will comprise entire kitchen and front-end training to maximize productivity.
  6. MENU FOR ALL SEASONS Fluff Artisan Café provides a wide selection of Artisanal food and beverages which are all-time favorites, available across all seasons

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