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Area: 900-1000 Sq.Ft.
Investment: 32-34 Lacs
Franchise Outlets: 50+
Brand Origin: New Delhi

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Product Detail's

About Us

Since Four Decades, Nazeer has been serving Its royal Mughlai Cuisine. We have the best delicious from the Mughal era, brought to life by Mr. Aftab Ahmed with his scintillating recipes. Our menu has vast choices from traditional Mughlai & Indian Curries along with tempting tandoori and Fried dishes. We feel pride in serving our royal food with rich aroma and authentic Mughlai taste, at reasonable prices. Mr. Aftab Ahmed is a businessman who started supplying fresh poultry products to five-star hotels in Delhi. During his visits to the restaurants and interaction with the best chefs and industry experts of that era, a deep interest in cooking was developed. This interest was so profound that he decided to wind up his poultry supply business and bought a piece of land in Ganesh Nagar to open his first restaurant “CHICKEN TAKEAWAY”. He started with a limited menu of lip-smacking, delicious kebabs, and fried chicken. With Kebabs becoming an instant hit, Mr. Aftab innovated and created a fried chicken lollipop, which went on to become a landmark product in Nazeer’s history. After a glimpse of the huge demand and love for the food, soon the focus changed to becoming a complete restaurant and he introduced many new mouth-watering dishes, which Nazeer is renowned for now. In the process, Chicken Takeaway was rebranded into “Nazeer” when a second restaurant was opened in 2002 at Vinod Nagar.

Franchise Model

Franchise Investment Details
Outlet Model Casual Dining
Space 900 to 1000 Sq. Ft
Total Investment  32 to 34 Lakhs

Key Features

WHY INVEST? – The Indian fast food industry is pegged at Rs 20bn with an expected annual growth rate of 40%. – Several multinationals like McDonald’s, Dominos, and Pizza Hut have established their presence in India, and many are on verge of opening. – Very Few or no brands are in the Indian fast food industry, As the cooking and process is itself a big time-consuming process. – Though Gentry wants to stick to Indian food but has to land up to western foods as they don’t have any brands dealing with Indian food. – This gives Nazeer Foods a great opportunity to explore the market and rule it in this format. – Nazeer Will serve Most of the ready Eat products with very little cooking and serving time as the food come semi-processed from the base kitchen Itself, Hence maintaining the consistency in Taste

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