Rolls & Bowls


Area: 150–500 Sq.ft.
Investment: 5-10 Lacs
Franchise Outlets: 50-100
Brand Origin: Mumbai

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Product Detail's

About Us

Feedx is all about promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship. We try to do our bit by encouraging people to start their own businesses at a nominal cost and help them through our industry experience. At FedEx, we spread ethnic Flavours of India through our Rolls & Bowls. We have made Rolls interesting and yummier by adding Traditional Indian Flavours to them. Whether be a Butter Chicken Roll or Dilli Chola Roll, Tikka Roll, Vada Pav Roll, and much more. We serve a wide variety of Rice Bowls at Rolls & Bowls, some traditional and some innovative. Bowls like Butter Chicken & Rice, Kadhai Chicken & Rice, Rajma & Rice, or a bowl of Traditional Biryani and Butter Khichdi are not only convenient, healthy, and hygienic food options but are also pocket friendly for everyday consumption.

We are building a people-first company that is truly rooted in uplifting the culture of India. Like the country itself, we are and always be a work in progress, learning and embracing new concepts and ideas all through the way.

We are responsible for the lives we touch and that’s why our intention is to encourage a lot of people to start their own businesses at a nominal cost and help them through our vast experience. With the help of the enterprising nature of our team members, we aim to establish outlets for Rolls and Bowls across the globe. At FedEx, we serve ethnic flavors of India through our Rolls and Bowls

Franchise Model

Line of Business


Space 150 – 500 Sq.ft.
 Investment 5 Lakhs – Rs. 10 Lakhs
No. of Franchise Outlets 100+
Head Office  Mumbai

Key Features


  • Detailed operating manuals for franchisees  –                                                                             Yes
  • Franchisee training location  –                                                                                                        On-site
  • Is field assistance available for franchisees?                                                                                Yes
  • Expert guidance from Head Office to
    franchisee in opening the franchise                                                                                               Yes
  • Current IT systems will be included in the franchise                                                                 Yes

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